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During this 10 month programme, the students are introduced to workplace environments. Employees from the workplace spend time with the students. They discuss essential workplace skills such as interviewing, teamwork, communication and project management.

An important element of this programme is the opportunity to gain insight into different organisations, such as Argos & Zen Internet. This increases understanding and experience of different working environments and the skills needed for the workplace.

The participants are provided with information and advice on interview skills, completing CVs and project management. They have the opportunity to use all these skills when planning their own formal graduation.

During this event they are able to showcase the key elements of the project to their families, friends and invited guests.

What it involves

Twenty five Year 9 girls take part in monthly half-day workshops running from October until July. One full day in April involves preparation for the graduation Ceremony.

Some of the workshops are based in the school, but many take place in the workplace. The girls have to work together in teams, for example creating a sales pitch to a client from a marketing brief. They have chance to develop their CVs, plan a charity concert, learn about project management and engage in a number of team challenges.