The Our World programme is a holistic approach to developing community and the

resilience of individuals within it. Each of the projects are designed to be first steps for the

members of the community as they plan what they want to achieve in the future.

The aims of Our World begin with the individual. Helping them, whatever their age might be, to develop resilience, improve self-esteem and recognise their strengths and weaknesses.

Working with others is an essential element of each project. Team work, team building and recognising the importance of cooperation and relationships are elements of each strand of Our World. We rely upon a range of partnerships. Primary and secondary schools,

housing associations and local businesses all play a vital part in its delivery.

Every project is carefully evaluated for its impact through the use of pre and post questionnaires. This provides numerical evidence of the difference in

attitudes of course participants following the implementation of the project.

Many of the programmes are short. They are designed to sit within the framework of the lives of its participants. Sustainability is an important element with each project including signposting and support for how participants can continue to develop the skills they have gained.

Perhaps most importantly, the programme seeks to empower those taking part to help their communities. Through developing individual resilience, skills and improving self-esteem participants are encouraged to recognise the role they can have now and in the future.

We believe that this combination of features makes Our World a unique approach that can have a real and sustainable impact. Grounded in theory with a strong emphasis on practical application, we hope that it will inspire you too.

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