The My World programme aims to introduce

students to the world of work through outside

visits, workshops and the involvement of visiting

speakers. The students meet a range of employees

who describe their work role. Pupils discover how

they found their chosen career and the benefits of


The My World project acknowledges that children’s

perceptions of their future role in the work place are

important. By showing pupils some of the options

available to them within their own local area it aims to

increase aspiration, raise self-esteem and break down

some of the barriers that can prevent children reaching

their potential.

During the project pupils are involved in developing

greater understanding of themselves. Through

visualisation techniques, goal-setting, self-evaluation

and reflection, they are encouraged to understand

more about their personal values and how important

the way we view our world is.

The project ends in a graduation ceremony where the

teams formed during the project can present their work

to parents and other adults. It’s a formal, dignified and

exhilarating opportunity for all the pupils to celebrate

their work.

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